Noisy cars could face $110 in fines as Barrie Police crack down on muffler modifications

Barrie Police calling it Project Noisemaker on social media

The Barrie Police Service has been cracking down on loud vehicles lately, in a blitz known as Project Noisemaker.

The Service has been posting to its social media channels about a number of drivers stopped recently, accused of driving noisy vehicles. “In most cases, they’ve removed the muffler and they’re running what’s referred to as a straight pipe, right from the engine all the way back to the rear bumper area,” said Barrie Police spokesperson Peter Leon.

“I think they’re proud of their vehicles they want to be seen. They want to be heard and I can tell you, they’re certainly being heard,” continued Leon. “We’re hearing them from distances away, and everybody else’s as well.”

This blitz on noisy vehicles came about following a few calls. “It is the result of some complaints,” said Leon. “We did have some issues and concerns that were raised by the public … specific to the loud noise emitting from a lot of vehicles in our city.”

Leon says these vehicles are being stopped when they’re heard, and the driver will usually be charged with driving without a muffler. He adds the motorist could be hit with a charge of excessive noise, too. Each carries a fine of $110.