Numerous vehicle break-ins in Alliston

OPP said vehicles are being left unlocked

Numerous vehicle break-ins have been reported in the Nottawasaga OPP detachment area, with central Alliston a hotspot.

OPP has responded to numerous complaints of people who have had items stolen from their vehicles, or their vehicles entered and rummaged through. Suspects are having a field day going through vehicles that are left unlocked at night. In some cases, damage has been done to the vehicles.

Police have released home surveillance video of a suspect stealing money from a vehicle on Monday, June 1, 2020, around 2:40 a.m. The suspect appears to be a younger male with light skin, wearing a baseball hat, slim build and a nametag on the left side of his jacket.

Image provided: Nottawasaga OPP

Residents are asked to check their security cameras, or dash cameras, for video footage. If you have any information or video surveillance in relation to these thefts, contact Nottawasaga OPP.

Nottawasaga OPP reminds residents to:

  • Always keep your vehicle locked
  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle
  • If you absolutely must leave valuables in your vehicle, do not leave them in plain sight
  • Ensure all windows/sunroofs are completely closed
  • Don’t leave your vehicle running or unattended
  • Don’t keep personal documents such as vehicle ownership, insurance slips, credit card invoices, or other documents containing personal information in your vehicles

Banner image provided: Nottawasaga OPP