Clearview Launches Online Transit Fares November 1

Clearview Transit Cards are reusable, and can be preloaded online or in person

courtesy of the Township of Clearview

Transit fares in Clearview are going online with the reinstatement of fares and the launch of the Clearview Transit Card on Monday, November 1, 2021. Beginning on Monday, November 1 transit users will be able to purchase transit fares online from the comfort of their homes.

The Clearview Transit Card is a reusable smart card that makes paying transit fares faster, easier, and more secure. It offers users the convenience to add value to the card both in person or online, balance protection when registered to ensure your money is safe if your card is ever lost or stolen, and convenient autoload features.

Clearview Transit users will have the choice of loading their card with either a 30-day pass, $40 for Adults & Seniors and $30 for Students and Youth or paying per ride by preloading a set amount of money that will be deducted from the balance with each ride.

Cards are available at the Clearview Administration Centre located at 217 Gideon Street, Stayner or the Stayner Arena located at 269 Regina Street during regular business hours, where they can also be registered and loaded with funds.

To learn more visit or pick up a Clearview Public Transit Brochure from the Administration Centre, Stayner Arena or Stayner Library Branch.

Feature image courtesy Township of Clearview