Ontario Walk-In Clinic Wait Times Among Shortest In Canada According to Online Timer

Barrie and Community Family Medicine Clinics Updating Wait Times

At about 25 minutes spent waiting, Ontario walk-in clinics are among the shortest in a coast-to-coast tally from Medimap.

Medimaps is a website that allows its users to look up wait times at clinics across Canada, and after counting up average time spent in the waiting room, it says Ontario’s is among the shortest, beaten out only by Alberta’s 23 minute average wait time.

The website claims, based on data pulled from those clinics that have signed up with Medimaps, that folks in Nova Scotia spend the most amount of time waiting at walk-in clinics, at 69 minutes, followed by British Columbia at 50.

The online resource does point out that Barrie, at 73 minutes on average, is among the longer wait times, but its data is only pulled from those clinics that participate in the program. Right now, only one of the Barrie and Community Family Medicine Clinics’ locations are signed up with Medimap, the one on Wellington Street.

The Barrie and Community Family Medicine Clinics does keep estimated wait times updated on its website, including its newest location at the Rizzardo Health and Wellness Centre in Innisfil. To help improve wait times at these clinics, the organization asks that folks have their up-to-date health card at the ready, and be up-front with the reason that brought you to the clinic. If your reason is a little more personal than a runny nose, clinics say you could always ask a receptionist for a piece of paper to write down your malady instead of saying it aloud.