Opening day for Elmvale Jungle Zoo unknown

Senior staff continue to love and care for the animals; all are doing well

Normally this would be a very busy week for staff at the Elmvale Jungle Zoo. After being closed all winter, there would be a buzz in the air as new and veteran staff would prepare to welcome families through their doors for another season.

It’s very weird for me says Michel Persi of the Elmvale Zoo. “We would have been opening our doors on Saturday. The front of the zoo would be filled with new staff training, stocking our gift shop and snack bar, and getting ready for schools to be arriving on Tuesday.”

However, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the date for reopening is unsure.

Image courtesy of Elmvale Jungle Zoo via Facebook.

The zoo relies on the revenue from each season to maintain it’s top care over the winter months.

It’s a scary time Persi says, but she remains optimistic. “We hope with the way Ontario is slowly moving forward that we will be opening our doors at some point this season.”

The health and safety of our animals, employees, and visitors are very important. We want to ensure we have everything in place for when we open our doors, she adds.

At this time only senior staff members are onsite who continue to work hard to love and care for all the animals. “The animals are all doing well and will soon move into their summer habitat.”

There’s been excitement at the zoo with some new additions. They welcomed two new giraffes, Bianca and Diego, who were born this winter

Diego was born this winter at the Elmvale Jungle Zoo.
Image courtesy of Elmvale Jungle Zoo via Facebook.

Persi says she is touched by the e-mails of support she had received from the community.

“It’s warmed our hearts. This is a hard time for everyone, and for people to think of our zoo family while they are in a hard spot as well; that is true support and we are so very lucky and thankful.”

feature image courtesy of Elmvale Jungle Zoo via facebook