OPP chopper used in ice rescue of a woman in Bracebridge

The woman went hiking on Paul's Lake

A woman has potentially life-threatening injuries after she fell through the ice while out for a hike on Paul’s Lake in Bracebridge.

First responders were sent to the area of Campbell’s Road and Gravenhurst Parkway around 9:15 Wednesday morning.

Officers arrived on scene and alerted other Ontario Provincial Police units for assistance. The 33-year-old from Keswick was extracted from the ice by the OPP helicopter and flown to a local hospital. Two officers received medical attention as a result of the rescue.

Photo provided: OPP helicopter at ice rescue

Police said this type of behaviour puts the person in harm’s way but when first responders are called to an emergency on ice, the rescue efforts are complicated and puts police, firefighters and paramedics live at risk.

The OPP emphasize that no ice is safe ice.