OPP helicopter used to rescue three people from Minesing Wetlands

Three adults, 2 children canoeing had run out of water and had limited cellphone power

Ontario Provincial Police used their helicopter to pluck an adult and two children from the Minesing Wetlands in Springwater Township.

OPP say first responders received a call just after six Sunday evening that three adults and two children canoeing in the wetlands were in need of help. The paddlers had run out of water and had minimal cellphone power.

A father and his two children were plucked from the marsh with the assistance of the OPP chopper. Two adult males took a pass on being rescued and told police they were experienced outdoorsmen.

Police say this incident serves as a reminder of several safety considerations:

  • Have a plan and make sure somebody knows about it 
  • Pack appropriate survival supplies including food, water, a charged cell phone and other items incident dependant.
  • Always wear a life jacket
  • Ensure you have the required safety equipment onboard
  • Check the weather and water temperature before you head out