OPP in Orillia targetting loud and smoky vehicles

Ontario Provincial Police in Orillia are heading to the streets to deal with loud vehicles.

People living in the city have been complaining a lot about noisy cars and trucks.

Police want to stop cars with really loud mufflers and exhaust pipes, especially those changed out after the vehicle was made. They’re also looking for vehicles that create too much exhaust smoke.

This plan is going on all through August.

If you’re driving, you need to remember your vehicle’s exhaust system has to follow the rules set by the government. It should work well, and not make too much noise or smoke. You can’t make your vehicle loud on purpose, and you can’t let a lot of smoke come out, either.

Under the Highway Traffic Act, all cars and bikes with engines must have a proper muffler that works well. You can’t use a special exhaust part that makes your vehicle louder or changes how the muffler works.

banner image – Pexels.com