Orillia Musician to launch sustainable guitar pick company

and that's a tune we can all dance to!

Local musician Brock Gouweloos is developing a line of guitar picks manufactured from recycled plastics, right here in Simcoe County.

Gouweloos witnessed firsthand just how much plastic gets washed up on shore while volunteering at several shoreline cleanups. One was at Pacific Rim National Park in Vancouver and another was in Tofino, which was organized to honour former Orillia resident and Canadian Service Corps member Angela Rehhorn who was one of 18 Canadian aboard the Ethiopian Airlines flight that crashed after take-off in 2019.

“I was taken aback by the amount of marine debris and plastic that washed up on the beaches daily. As a guitar player, I knew that guitar picks were made primarily from various plastics. I thought, ‘why create new plastic to make guitar picks where there is so much plastic that is never recycled.’ And so the idea for Tuffocean was born,” said Gouweloos.

To learn more about the environmental impact of plastics and how Tuffocean is trying to help, click here.

Featured image courtesy of Nothing Ahead via pexels.com