Orillia Police Offering Contractor Advice

Recent Complaints Indicate Some Contractors Are Violating Consumer Protection Rules

Police in Orillia are giving you a head’s up to make sure contractors stay on the straight and narrow.

The OPP claim to have received numerous reports of local contractors conducting business that goes against the Ontario Consumer Protection Act. To that end, police are offering the following advice for those about to start or are in the process of working with contractors:

  • Get the particulars in a detailed and itemized contract.
  • Keep down-payments to a minimum (10% is the recommended maximum).
  • Never pay the full amount of the contract before the work is complete. Remember, legitimate home renovation companies have enough credit to buy the materials they need.
  • Avoid cash deals. These deals are harder to trace if a criminal or civil proceeding is to commence at a later date.
  • Soliciting door to door for contracting work should be approached with caution.
  • Reputable companies comply with the law.
  • A professional licence shows that a contractor is qualified to do the work you’re hiring him/her to do – like plumbing or electrical.

Whether an issue is civil or criminal, Orillia OPP say any indiscretion should be reported to the proper authorities.