Orillia toughening up smoking, vaping and cannabis consumption by-law

Won't be allowed on city-owned properties

Orillia is another step closer to banning smoking, toking and vaping on city-owned property.

‚ÄúCouncil thoroughly debated the idea of banning smoking and vaping on properties owned or leased by the City and ultimately determined that we want to create a greener, healthier community and this is one way in which we can support that initiative. I believe that by making our City parks, trails and properties smoke- and vape-free we are providing a welcoming environment that contributes to the overall well-being of our citizens and visitors.”

– Mayor Steve Clarke

City council this week gave its support to a new by-law expected to be approved April 1 with the new regulations taking effect May 15.

The ban would include:

  • any property where there’s a municipal building, park, or beach;
  • any parking lot, trail, walkway, or lane
  • docks
  • on vehicles located on City-owned or leased property
  • on boats located or moored on City-owned or leased property

The following exceptions would apply:

  • Smoking/vaping on any portion of a highway (this includes sidewalks) as municipalities do not have any jurisdiction to regulate this area
  • Smoking/vaping while situated on a vessel containing sleeping, cooking, and toilet facilities that is moored within any City-owned or leased water lot
  • Smoking/vaping on a campsite within a park, provided the campsite has been approved by the City in conjunction with a special event
  • possession of cannabis for medical purposes (with necessary documentation)

Following approval of the by-law, the City will hire a part-time Municipal By-law Enforcement Officer to assist with enforcement. The City will also erect new signage and launch a public education campaign to inform residents and visitors of the ban.