Pay to park at any City of Barrie-owned parking spot via mobile app HotSpot instead of feeding the meter

App charges twenty cent convenience fee

Barrie City Hall has turned to a new mobile app as a contactless means of paying for parking.

Residents and visitors alike will be able to pay to park in any of the city’s municipal paid parking spots via the app HotSpot as of March 1. The app is free through the App Store or Google Play. While the city’s parking rates won’t change as a result, the app itself does charge a $0.20 convenience fee per parking session.

The app allows users to get a refund of time not used, something not possible through a meter or pay-and-display parking stub. Users can also add more time to their parking session without having to run back to the car.

“This app makes parking easier and contactless, with no need to deal with coins or credit cards anymore,” said Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman. “It’s simple to pay and go, making it easier for residents and visitors to shop and enjoy the downtown and waterfront, and visit the hospital.”

Pay stations and meters will remain options for any who wish to use them, or for those without a smartphone. HotSpot offers monthly and annual memberships for frequent users.