People who receive mixed COVID vaccines could experience more side effects

More chills, fatigue and general malaise according to a British study

A British study has found people who receive mixed COVID vaccines experience more chills, fatigue and general malaise after receiving a different second shot.

Researchers compared combinations of the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines.

They say their study raises important considerations for health officials looking at combining vaccines. For instance, they say you wouldn’t want to immunize a ward full of nurses with a mixed vaccine on the same day because you might have higher rates of absenteeism the next day.

Most of the side effects were mild or moderate and only lasted a couple of days. None of the participants had to be hospitalized.

The study only involved people 50 or older, and participants received their second jab four weeks after the first.

Due to supply issues and concerns the AstraZeneca vaccine may be linked to rare blood clots, health officials in Canada and other countries are considering mixing doses.

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