Pet of the Month: May 2021 Edition

'Fur'ociusly cute pets!

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Thank you to everyone who sent in photos of your adorable furry friends! Here is this month’s winner, as well as the runners-up:

May 2021 Pet of the Month:


Jax is an absolutely beautiful Husky who has a flair for exterior decoration. His owners are very lucky because when something is outdated he quickly gets rid of it to make space for something new. So considerate!

May 2021 Pet of the Month Runner-ups:


It’s rare to find a picture that so perfectly captures the dog’s personality, but Higgins managed to pull it off showing his carefree, loving, and goofy attitude in a single frame!


Lexxie the Shollie loves to play fetch, go swimming, and gets a little scared when busses or big trucks drive by. It also doesn’t take long for her cute face to pop up over the edge of the couch when you have food.

Summer & Stella

Summer the four-year-old Golden Retriever use to be the only queen of the castle but once Stella moved in, she was happy to share her throne. Inseparable and that’s just the way we like it!


Tala is a gentle giant who very much doesn’t think she is one. When she’s not catching frisbees or chasing boats across the shore, she’s doing her best to be the world’s biggest lap dog.

Tiko & Koka

What’s better than one German Sheppard? Two, of course! Tiko and Koka are a playful pair who love to play fetch even though they can chew through their balls a bit too quickly.

Joey, Franky, and Tessa

Joey the Golden Retriever, Franky the cat, and Tessa the Shih Tzu really are the cutest triple threat! When one goes to bed, they all do and you can usually find them all curled up together!


Adopted from Furry Friends in Barrie, Indy enjoys being pampered and spoiled, quickly voicing his displeasure when he’s not getting enough attention!


After a tiresome day at work and a long drive home, who could resist playing with this cutie? Iris is always ready to greet his owners at the door (and ready to play)!


A strange boy who loves water and spinning rides in the laundry basket, Kyo welcomed a new sister into the world and quickly claimed the role of her protector!