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Phased opening of the Orillia Recreation Centre begins today

Pre-registration, masking a must

The long-awaited opening of the Orillia Recreation Centre is today (Oct. 26), but due to COVID-19 it will be carried out in a staged approach. The centre, at 255 West St. S., is open to the public for fitness centre time slots, pre-registered drop-in aquatics, fitness and sports programming, registered programming, and user groups.

“The opening of the Orillia Recreation Centre is a pivotal point for our community, and I am so excited for people to walk through the front doors and experience this amazing facility for themselves,” said Mayor Steve Clarke. “Although the opening is very different than we had imagined and there will be no grand opening celebration (yet), this facility is something the entire city can be extremely proud of. The Orillia Recreation Centre is a place where personal bests will be met, victories will be celebrated, and families will grow. Congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard to get to this day.”

With the gradual opening schedules have been modified to allow for monitoring of building capacity, implementation of proper cleaning protocols, and to allow for contact tracing.

As with all drop-in programming within other recreational facilities, pre-registration is required for fitness center time slots and drop-in programs at the Orillia Recreation Centre. Pre-registration is being done for both contract tracing protocols and to allow for control of the numbers of people (both participants and spectators) within the facility in order to meet provincial legislation.

At this time there will be no walk-in availability for purchasing memberships (Fun Pass), drop-in programs or general access to the building. Staff ask that you please purchase your Fun Pass and register for drop-in programming using the online portal at Orillia.ca/sun.

People can sign-up for a Fun Pass and/or redeem their Fun Pass gift certificate if previously purchased. Time slots for the fitness center and drop-in programs are now open for registration. Please be aware that when registering for drop-in programs participants must register 24 hours in advance of the drop-in timeslot. In order to register for drop-in programs visit Orillia.ca/sun.

All participants must arrive dressed and ready for their program. There is no access to change rooms at this time. Masks must be worn in common areas and in designated programs. Participants will be asked at the front desk for proof of enrollment on their smartphone or other methods.

Information regarding program safety protocols, instructional videos on how to sign up for a drop-in program, and what to expect when attending programs, visit Orillia.ca/fun.