Pierce Brosnan Thinks The Next Bond Should Be A Woman

The Names Bond, Jamie Bond

With the upcoming No Time To Die being Danielle Craig’s last bond film, many are wondering who will take up the mantle of 007.

With rumors of Idris Elba taking the lead being shot down by the man himself, fans are clamoring to know who will play the iconic agent. Pierce Brosnan spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about how exciting it would be to see a female in the role, mirroring similar sentiment by current star Danielle Craig.

With a long list of men in the role including Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore, George Lazenby, and Sean Connery, a change in sex could be a welcome change to spice up the long-running franchise which is seeing its 25th film being released early next year. Lashana Lynch will be co-starring in the newest film and there are speculations that she will be the one to move into the role.

The film will also see the return of Ben Whishaw, Jeffrey Wright, and Ralph Fiennes as M, along with the Oscar award-winning Remi Malek lending his talents as the main villain.