Plowy McPlowface, Han Snowlo, Qalipi, Al Plowcino among the 15 names selected for city’s plows

Residents who submitted a winning name will receive a special prize pack from city hall

After receiving over 1,200 suggestions for its Name the Snowplow contest, the city of Barrie has whittled down its list of suggested names to a final list of fifteen.

Those fifteen names, in order of number of votes garnered, are as follows:

  • Plowy McPlowface
  • Say It Ain’t Snow
  • Austin Plowers
  • Dale Plowerchuk
  • Catch My Drift
  • Han Snowlo
  • Qalipi (means “to shovel snow” in Mi’kmaq language)
  • Phillup Driveway
  • Loud and Plowed
  • Obi Wan Kasnowbi
  • Polar Barrie Express
  • Flurry Force
  • Al Plowcino
  • Plowabunga!
  • Winnie the Plow

The finalist names will appear on the city’s snowplow tracker website, while the vehicles’ new names will be added to the physical machines next winter.

Residents who submitted one of the fifteen winning names above will receive a special prize pack from City Hall.