Police Crack Down in School Zones

Volume On Local Roads Is A Main Concern

It’s ‘all hands on deck’ at the South Simcoe Police Service for the first couple weeks of school.

Officers will be out in full force making sure motorists follow speed limits, parking bylaws and stopping for school buses.

Sergeant Dave Phillips says every available officer in Bradford and Innisfil will be out making sure things go smoothly.

One of their challenges, Phillips says, is the sheer volume of traffic. Schools in the area are older and not designed for the volume that floods into the neighborhood. He adds it seems to be a growing trend for schools to close entrances for guardians dropping kids off between certain times, shifting cars into neighborhoods that aren’t meant for that influx. This sometimes creates complaints and animosity between residents. He adds that municipal bylaw enforcement officers will have a zero-tolerance approach to illegal parking.

School bus safety is also a concern. Phillips reminds motorists if a bus is stopped and the lights are flashing, traffic is required to stop in both directions unless there’s a divider in the middle of the road. When in doubt, stop and don’t proceed until directed by the school bus driver.

You’re encouraged to give yourself lots of extra time so you’re not rushed and obey the rules of the road.

Not following the rules will hit your wallet hard. Failing to yield at pedestrian crosswalks, school crossings, and crossovers with a crossing guard present can result in a fine up to $1000 and four demerit points. Failure to stop for a school bus with red lights flashing is a fine of up to $2000 and six demerit points for a first offence.  Fines are doubled in Community Safety Zones— near schools and public areas.