Police receive multiple reports of Amazon scams

Police are warning the public of these scams

South Simcoe Police have received multiple reports of Amazon scams, and want to make the public aware.

Police say in one incident, a person recieved an email from “Amazon” that appeared legitimate. It stated there was a refund and they needed the victim’s banking information and Social Insurance Number.

Officers say in another occurrence, a person received a call from “Amazon” asking if they had made a particular purchase. The call then instructed them to press 1 for yes and 2 for no. The victim pressed 2 and was told by a fake investigator to transfer money to an overseas account to help catch culprits who had supposedly hacked their account.

March is Fraud Prevention Month, and the police have provided some tips regarding scams.

  • If it feels wrong, it probably is. Hang up or delete.
  • Do not press a number or click on a link before verifying the source.  
  • Never provide personal information to an unknown caller or email.
  • Messages via phone, email or text that have a sense of urgency and are asking you to take immediate action are red flags.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre has information regarding the latest scams, and how to report them.

Amazon also has info on how to report suspicious emails, phone calls, texts, or webpages.

Banner image – file photo – Barrie 360