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Post-secondary students can apply for COVID-19 pandemic aid on Friday

Applications for Canadian student COVID-19 pandemic assistance will open on Friday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says as students apply for their relief benefit they will also be directed to a job bank so they can see what jobs are available for them. Students collecting the emergency financial aid will be required to confirm they’re looking for summer work .

Trudeau says students should sign-up my account within the CRA website to get money faster. The Canada Emergency Student Benefit will provide students $1,250 per month for up to four months, with an extra $750 for students with disabilities or dependents. Students will be eligible even if they make $1,000 per month at a part time job.

Minister of Employment Carla Qualtrough says students can expect their payment within three to five days and that they won’t have to pay back the CESB.

Feds unveil details of $1B in regional aid for small businesses

The $962 million Regional Relief and Recovery Fund will flow through six regional economic development agencies.

The federal government released details today on how they will dish out nearly $1 billion in emergency COVID-19 aid to small businesses.

The $962 million Regional Relief and Recovery Fund was announced several weeks ago with money earmarked to flow through six regional economic development agencies.

Trudeau says struggling small businesses who didn’t qualify for other assistance like the wage subsidy, should contact the regional agencies to see if they can access these funds.

Economic Development Minister Mélanie Joly says if you’re an entrepreneur or if you’re in the tourism industry “come see us.” Joly says if you don’t qualify for CEWS or CEBA, this is where you go. No website or link was immediately provided though.

Health Canada approves serological test

Health Canada's approval of a serological test "in this country."
PM talks about Health Canada approving a serological test

Prime Minister Trudeau opened today’s remarks by talking about Health Canada’s approval of a serological test “in this country.”

Trudeau says the safe and approved test can detect antibodies in an individual’s blood and helps determine immunity against COVID-19, which he calls a “critical and good step.”

The Prime Minister said Canada needs to use science to get through this.

Canada’s Chief public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam says it’s great news and will give them more information about antibodies.

Trudeau on reopening the border

Trudeau was asked the latest on reopening the border? Trudeau says to-date, collaboration with the US has been “exceptional.” He says conversations are ongoing on a regular basis including about border measures and he sees no reason for there to be a change in the progress.

“Every country recognizes we control our domestic situation,” says Trudeau. “We are vulnerable to international travellers, that’s why we made strong moves to close our borders to travellers, including those from the United States. I’ve spoken with president Trump a number of times over recent weeks and our conversations have been positive every time.”

Trudeau was pressed on if they will extend the border closure with the United States. “We are a good week away from that,” said the Prime Minister.

more to come…