Potential renter saved themselves money, aggravation after looking into a Collingwood listing more thoroughly

House was legitimately for sale, fraudster pretended it was for rent

A potential renter saved themselves some time, aggravation, and money, after looking more deeply into a home they planned on moving into.

Collingwood and the Blue Mountains OPP detachment is warning everyone of the potential for rental scams after one was recently reported. A listing was found online for a home for rent in Collingwood and the would-be victim reached out to the alleged owner for details. They also did their own search online and found the house in question was listed as for sale through a number of reputable realtor websites.

Police confirmed the home is not for rent, but is for sale. No money was sent to the fraudster behind this.

The OPP offer the following tips to avoid falling prey to such a scam:

  • The fraudster will want you to give a deposit immediately or pay in full quickly giving you all kinds of excuses to instill a sense of urgency to send them money.
  • They cannot meet you in person and the viewing of the property will be taking place as a ‘walking tour’ outside the residence, never once gaining access to the house.
  • If possible, try to deal with a local, reputable rental business that you can find via your social circle or online search with associated reviews.
  • If the price is too good to be true…it probably is.
  • And also do your own research like this person did, using an online search engine to find out if the potential rental might be a duplicate of a real estate listing.