Province committing over a billion dollars to bettering long-term care in Ontario

New model designed to promote facility construction

“We need more long-term care beds, and we need them now.”

Premier Doug Ford has announced the Ontario Government is committing $1.75 billion to create or upgrade 30,000 long-term care beds across the province. Existing facilities will be upgraded under this plan, including the provision of air conditioning.

“Our government is putting forward bold new solutions to turbocharge the development of long-term care beds across the province and ensure our most vulnerable citizens can live in modern surroundings,” said Premier Ford. “That’s why our new funding model will not only encourage new beds to be built faster, but also upgrade existing older homes to meet high-quality design standards, with features like air conditioning and private or semi-private rooms. Our seniors deserve nothing less.”

The new plan is expected to help speed up the construction of long-term care facilities by creating regional categories based on geographic location instead of a one-size-fits-all model. The province will also provide development grants of up to 17 percent, to cover upfront costs. This plan also includes increased funding to incentivize the construction of basic accommodations, in an effort to promote long-term care home construction.

More than 38,000 people are on a waitlist for a long-term care home, and new facility construction has not kept pace.