Province Offering Money to Parents Impacted By Educator Job Action

Move Will Cost Province $48 Million A Day

The Ministry of Education is offering up to sixty bucks per kid, should job action continue to affect a student’s school day.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce says, should there be a withdrawal of service from school boards in the province, parents will be offered money in what he says is recognition of the strife job action causes. “These strikes have an impact on working people in this province, in moms and dads in Ontario,” says Lecce, “and it is for them that the government is prepared to spend a few bucks to help them through the difficulties of teachers’ unions imposing these one-day strikes or further escalation.”

Lecce went on to say the “few bucks” will cost the province $48 million per day.

Lecce says a full withdrawal of service could require parents to make alternate arrangements, and says eligible parents of children up to age 12 (Grade 7), or up to age 21 for children and youth with special needs, in a publicly funded school, qualify for:

  • $60 per day for children aged 0-6 who are not yet enrolled in school but attend a school-based child care centre that is required to close on account of the strike.
  • $40 per day for students in Junior Kindergarten (JK) and Senior Kindergarten (SK).
  • $25 per day for students in Grades 1 up to and including Grade 7.
  • $40 total per day for students in JK up to and including Grade 12 with a special need(s).

When asked if this constitutes a bribe from the province to Ontario parents, Lecce said “it’s a recognition of the adverse impacts and the hardships teachers’ unions are imposing on people in Ontario.”

More details about this financial support can be found by visiting or by calling the Support for Parents Helpline at 1-888-444-3770.