Barrie’s Police Chief likes proposed changes to Police Services Act

PC Government Introducing Legislation Aimed at SIU Accountability

The province wants to make the police oversight process more fair and transparent.

The PC government has introduced legislation it says will streamline the process for Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit. Under the previous Liberal bill, the SIU had further-reaching investigative powers, which the PCs claim forces police officers to labour under months or years-long investigations.

“Every day our police do incredible work to keep our families safe,” said Sylvia Jones, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services. “Often this work is silent, preventative and unseen.  Sometimes it requires police to put themselves in harm’s way. And occasionally it requires police to make difficult life or death decisions in the blink of an eye. But, no matter what, our police can be counted on to protect us. They always have our back. It’s about time their government had theirs.”

“The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police has long advocated for significant changes to the Police Services Act in order to assist us in the efficient and effective management of police services that enhance public and officer safety. We believe there are items in this new legislation that are welcome and look forward to continuing to work with the government and stakeholders, knowing that community safety is our absolute priority.”

– Kimberley Greenwood, President, Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police and Chief, Barrie Police Service

The proposed legislation also creates a direct public complaint process, reducing delays in the investigation process and ensuring accountability.