Public elementary and high school teachers launch work-to-rule action

A work-to-rule campaign begins today by teachers at public elementary and high schools.

While it means the withdrawal of some services it is not expected to impact the kids in class. Instead, it will focus on the boards and the ministry of education.

Talks continue to avoid an escalation of the job actions.

Today, Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education, issued the following statement on the first day of work-to-rule action:

“I’ve been clear – I want to get deals that keep the children of this province in school. It is regrettable the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO), and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) have chosen to escalate to work-to-rule action, only hurting our children. This escalation to a partial withdrawal of services, including targeting math supports and report cards, hurts our children the most.

During this phase of job action public elementary teachers will:

  • NOT participate in any school board or Ministry of Education professional learning offered outside of the instructional day (including online or face-to-face professional learning);
  • NOT participate in activities related to the Fundamentals of Math Strategy (except as referenced above);
  • NOT participate in any Ministry of Education online training or webinars;
  • NOT participate in any EQAO-related activities;
  • NOT participate in any way in the development of the Math Proficiency Test for faculty of education students;
  • NOT complete any surveys/data collection activities (except for what ETFO members deem is necessary for their own reporting requirements, as per PPM 155);
  • NOT attend meetings (online or face-to-face) with Ministry of Education Achievement Officers;
  • NOT participate in school board activities on Professional Activity (PA) Days – ETFO members will work in their assigned worksites on their own self-directed activities;
  • NOT attend staff/division/grade team meetings;
  • NOT undertake the role of ‘Teacher in Charge’ (unless remuneration is specifically provided for this role in the local collective agreement);
  • NOT participate in school board/school improvement planning activities (BIPSA or SIPSA);
  • NOT respond to electronic communications from the school administrator/direct supervisor for non-school-based staff, outside of the instructional day (unless for reasons of personal/student safety, an OT accepting work, or support for students with special needs);
  • NOT undertake the role of divisional chair/team lead (unless remuneration is specifically provided for this role in the local collective agreement);
  • NOT participate in any school board committee (with the exception of School Council, staffing committees, labour management committees or health and safety committees);
  • NOT participate on any school board writing team or in school board curriculum/resource development;
  • NOT complete Term 1 Report Cards – teachers WILL provide the school administrator with a class list of marks for the various subjects/strands taught, or one brief comment per frame for the Kindergarten Communication of Learning;
  • NOT undertake the role of report card administrator;
  • NOT file the Progress Report, the Term 1 Report Card or the Kindergarten Communication of Learning.

Public high school teachers, will engage in information pickets before or after school, or during lunch periods; they will not:

  • Participate in EQAO preparation or testing
  • Complete/Submit of Ministry of Education Data Reports
  • Participate in School Board Professional Activities that are based on Ministry of Education or School Board Initiatives
  • Participate in unpaid staff meetings outside the regular school day
  • Provide comments on any secondary provincial report cards
  • Will not perform the work of another Bargaining Unit, even if directed by administration

In addition to public school teachers, educational assistants, designated early childhood educators, and office, clerical and maintenance workers at the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board, also members of the OSSTF, are a part of this job action.