Pumpkinpalooza coming back to Springwater

Let that pumpkin fly

Who wants to chuck a pumpkin this weekend?

The Springwater-Vespra Lions Club is bringing back a popular post-Halloween event on Sunday, November 7: Pumpkin Palooza is returning to Springwater after going on a pandemic-era hiatus.

Aside from last year’s lapse, Pumpkinpalooza has been held for five years now. “It’s an event that we started back in 2016. One of our members’ sons built the first catapult that we have, and it’s just a fun way to get the community together,” said Barb Webster, one of the organizing forces behind Pumpkinpalooza. “It’s just a good way to get out since we’ve been cooped up in the house for so long.”

Webster added they’ve just recently constructed a second catapult. “This is our first year with the two catapults, so we’ll probably have a little bit more of a contest between the old wooden version and the new, cool metal version.”

It works like this: bring out your pumpkin and wait your turn to plop it in one of two homemade catapults, pull the switch, and watch it fly. “They fling into the field and, it’s good for the environment because, later on, deer come out and eat up the leftover pumpkin,” added Webster.

Pumpkinpalooza will be held in the field at the intersection of Pooles Rd. and Old Second Road South in Springwater. It runs from noon until 3 p.m. Sunday. Webster says the event is free of charge, but monetary donations are being accepted on site.

Feature image courtesy Springwater-Vespra Lions Club via Facebook.