Puppies and Yogis Unite For a Good Cause

putting the "fun" in fundraiser

On November 18th, The Barbell Academy teamed up with Namaste North, Saje Barrie and Lululemon Barrie to host their first ever “Puppy Yoga” as a fundraiser for Finding Them Homes.

With 11 puppies, 2 yoga classes and a gym full of smiling faces, the event raised a total of $1620 and a number of donated gifts.

Finding Them Homes is an organization dedicated to helping remote locations in Ontario reduce dog over population by adopting their dogs out to forever homes, running spay/neuter clinics in the communities and providing dog food and supplies.

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Events such as this one, are essential to help Finding Them Homes continue to do the work that they do. In just 5 years of operation, they have now helped over 2300 dogs get adopted and held 12 spay/neuter clinics.

All 11 puppies at yesterday’s event are looking for forever homes.

Meghan Huehn, owner and lead instructor of Namaste North, led both sold out classes yesterday.

She was happy to share the floor with 11 furry friends, even if it meant participants got a little distracted.

The classes were relaxing, fun and full of seemingly endless puppy snuggles. Could there be a better way to start your day?

After a busy couple of hours running amok, the pups were tuckered out.

To wrap up the event, owner of The Barbell Academy, Mike Stefanyk, presented Finding Them Homes with the total donation of $1620. He was so thrilled with the success of their first puppy yoga, that he plans to have more in the future.

A number of people who weren’t able to make the classes showed their support by dropping of gifts and donations at the gym.

Finding Them Homes can always use more help to ensure they are helping as many dogs as possible. Aside from fostering. adopting or donating, there are a number of ways you can get involved. They are always looking for volunteers to help with things like crate cleaning, meet and greets, or transportation of the dogs from their rescue locations.

FTH is also open to hearing about new fundraising initiatives. If you’ve got an idea. They want to hear from you.

For more information about Finding Them Homes, click here.

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