RCAF says bird strike led to fatal snowbird crash last Spring

Crash claimed the life of Captain Jennifer Casey

The Royal Canadian Air Force has formally identified the cause of a fatal snowbird crash in British Columbia in April.

The RCAF handed down a report into the collision on Monday, saying a bird was struck by the craft just after takeoff, causing the engine to stall. “Evidence suggests that the damage caused by the bird ingestion was insufficient for it to cause a catastrophic failure but rather the engine most likely continued running, albeit in a stalled condition,” reads the report from the Air Force’s Directorate of Flight Safety.

Capt. Jenn Casey, killed in the May 17 crash

The May 17 crash claimed the life of public affairs officer Captain Jennifer Casey of Halifax. It occurred as the snowbird team was training for a cross-country tour to raise Canadian morale in the early months of the pandemic.