Red Meat. White Meat. Cholesterol May Not Discriminate

Study finds both can elevate levels of bad cholesterol

Researchers at Children’s Hospital in Oakland have found white meat may be as bad as dark meat for increasing bad cholesterol.

For test purposes, all participants tried a red meat, white meat and plant-based protein diet for one month each. In between the monthly diets, participants were able to eat their normal diet for a few weeks. Cholesterol levels were checked before and after each test diet.

They say study participants who ate a diet of chicken and turkey ended up with cholesterol levels no different than those who consumed red meat diets of lean beef and pork. Both diets caused significant jumps in cholesterol compared to people whose diets consisted of plant-based proteins.

It’s likely the red and white meat raised the participants’ cholesterol levels higher than the plant-based diet because they contain different kinds of fat.

Study authors said their work is the first to show that both kinds of meat — red and white — cause cholesterol levels to go higher than plant-based protein sources.