Refund for InnPower residential customers will be minimal

Large-use customers were impacted most by over-collection

There will not be a big payout to residential InnPower customers as a result of a refund order from the Ontario Energy Board.

InnPower to issue refunds to some customers

InnPower says an overcollection on some rates in 2017 had a minimal impact on residential consumers so the average payback will be about $4.

Large energy-use customers will see the bulk of the refunds.

From InnPower

Q. Did InnPower benefit from this over-collection?
A. No, the over-collection was for money collected on behalf of others. InnPower receives no benefit.

Q. Did InnPower know it was over-collecting from its customers?
A. Yes, InnPower was interpreting an interim OEB rate order that it should do so.

Q. Why is the refund taking so long?
A. InnPower is unable to provide refunds unless approved by the OEB. This approval was not granted until 2020 to take effect January 1, 2021.

Q. How much was the over-collection for a typical residential customer?
A. For residential customers, the average over-collection is estimated to be $3.91.

Q. Will I receive a refund cheque?
A. No, the refund will start on January 1, 2021 and will be a reduction in approved deferral rates on the volumetric portion of the monthly bill over 24 months for customers.

Q. Will someone who was a customer in 2017 and has moved out receive a refund?
A. No, the refund will be a reduction in the volumetric charges for existing customers only.

Q. Will the refund include interest?
A. Yes, the over-collection was held in a special account that was collecting interest.