“Rock Your Socks” For World Down Syndrome Day

"Because Our Differences Are What Make Us Great"

March 21st marks World Down Sydrome Day (WDSD) and people from all over the world are joining the celebration by rockin’ their mismatched socks.



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Every March 21st people all over the planet celebrate World Down Syndrome Day – a global opportunity to raise awareness and showcase all of the amazing ways people with Down syndrome make the world a better place. • So wear your fun, patterned, and even mismatched socks on World Down Syndrome Day in order to start conversations centered around the inherent value of individuals with Down syndrome! • Tag @joniandfriends in the photos of you “Rocking Your Socks” on Thursday for a chance to win an exclusive pair of Joni and Friends crazy socks! … #rockyoursocks #worlddownsyndromeday #crazysocks #giveaway #disabilityministry #joniandfriends #downsyndrome

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World Down Syndrome day is a global awareness day observed by the United Nations since 2012. Down Syndrome International encourages participants from all over the world to engage in their own activities and events to help raise awareness, as well as celebrate individuals with Down syndrome.

“Lots of Socks” is a simple, yet powerful campaign that encourages people to wear mismatched socks on WDSD to represent a celebration of differences. The initiative is intended to spark conversations about diversity, uniqueness, inclusion and acceptance of all beings.

To get involved in the campaign, be sure to bring out your mismatched socks and wear em’ proudly because “our differences are what make us great.”

If you feel like sharing your wacky socks online, remember to use the hashtags: #lotsofsocks #rockyoursocks #worlddownsyndromeday