Rogers outage last week spawns new scams

Be wary of requests for personal information, spelling mistakes

Bad enough they lost some services for a day now, Rogers’ customers affected by last week’s outage are getting social media messages about credits to make up for the inconvenience.

One of the fake claims, from R0GERS WIRELESS INC – note the zero instead the letter O in Rogers – offers a $50 credit if you click on the supplied link.

Rogers says wireless services gradually returning to normal

Rogers is offering a credit, equal to one day’s service (which varies from customer to customer) which will be applied directly to May’s billing. There’s no need to request the rebate or click on anything.

Note as well, Rogers does not send credit notifications by text message.

The company has offered the following tips about communications that purport to be from them:

  • Check the email address, not just the sender’s name. Watch for extra words, symbols or substituted letters, especially in the domain name.
  • Links and attachments may contain malicious software, so don’t click or open them. Instead, go directly to the source’s official site.
  • Requests for personal information are a red flag. Major institutions, such as banks and government services, don’t ask for those details through email or text.
  • Be cautious if the sender requires a quick or urgent response.
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes are common in basic phishing messages, so read the message carefully.

banner image: sittikan raingkun via pxhere