RVH preparing for second wave of COVID cases with mobile field hospital erected in hospital parking lot

70-bed temporary field hospital should be ready within the month

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) is getting prepared for the potential of a second surge in COVID-19 cases with a nearly 9,000 square foot mobile hospital to be built in an RVH parking lot.

The Regional Pandemic Response Unit (RPRU) will feature about 70 beds and will be located in the volunteer/visitor lot outside RVH’s Simcoe entrance. The 8,250 square-foot modular structure is a fully functional field hospital, completely staffed and equipped.

“Strict public health measures have successfully suppressed COVID-19 in Ontario, and while the first wave of the pandemic may have peaked, we know the virus is still very present in our community and a spike could develop at any time,” says Janice Skot, RVH president and CEO. “The Regional Pandemic Response Unit will ensure we are prepared for a second wave of cases in Simcoe Muskoka and will provide insurance in the face of a very uncertain future. The best insurance is insurance you never have to use, but it should give area residents great comfort and confidence, knowing that if we experience a surge of COVID-19 cases, RVH is well-prepared to care for patients from across the region.”

It will take about a month for the temporary facility to be assembled, but when it is, the unit will be able to withstand high winds and even snow. Costs associated with the structure and its assembly are being covered by Ontario Health.