Sandy Cove residents urged to watch out for each other after Bell service line to the community damaged

Some phone, internet and cellular service could be down for a week

Some Sandy Cove Acres residents could be without phone, internet and cellular service for a week after a contractor damaged a Bell line servicing the community.

The line was damaged Monday. The repair has been hampered by the complexity, size, and age of the cable.

Services offered by other providers are not affected.

Residents are urged to check in on one another; find others who have services that could be used to get a call for help out if needed.

In addition, police, fire, and paramedics have increased their patrols through the community.

“We are in constant communication with our contacts at Sandycove Acres to assure them that we will do everything we can do to continue to support them,” said Innisfil Deputy Fire Chief Tim McCallum. “Fortunately, this retirement community is very tight-knit and they have a buddy system, and other important measures in place to make sure that residents check in and look after one another.”