Search for crashed helicopter and Canadian service members comes to an end

Wreckage and unidentified human remains found 3,143 metres below the surface.

Officials have called off the search and rescue mission for a helicopter that crashed off of Greece, killing six Canadian service members.

Rear-Admiral Craig Baines says the recovery team was able to locate wreckage and unidentified human remains 3,143 metres below the surface.

The CH-148 Cyclone Helicopter crashed during Operation Reassurance on April 29 in the Mediterranean Sea.

Top left: Capt. Kevin Hagen, Sub-Lt. Abbigail Cowbrough, Capt. Brenden Ian MacDonald, Master Cpl. Matthew Cousins, Sub-Lt. Matthew Pyke, Capt. Maxime Miron-Morin. (Department of National Defence)

The crash killed six members of the Canadian Forces, though the remains of only one, Sub-Lt. Abbigail Cowbrough, have been identified.

Baines said that no portion of the main cabin was left intact, and pieces of the helicopter were found in clusters over a debris field of about 260 metres by 230 metres, or “two football fields wide, by two-and-a-half football fields long.”

There was no word from officials on the cause of the crash.

Banner photo credit: CF Combat Camera Facebook page