Seniors, kids get a free ride on Barrie Transit starting today

Transit Changes, Including Fare Increase For Some, Begin Today

Barrie’s seniors have spoken, and City Hall listened.

This past June, free transit was offered to seniors for the entire month. At the time, City Hall asked seniors if they’d prefer an entire month free, or one day a week. The consultation showed one free day per week was preferred.

At a recent meeting of council, a motion was approved allowing Barrie’s senior citizens to ride Barrie Transit for free every Thursday.

The change takes effect today (November 1), along with a fare increase for adults and students (approved in April). Children 12 and under now ride for free.

“We’re very excited to offer free transit for children 12 and under,” said Brent Forsyth, Director of Transit. “We want to get more young people on the bus—if they get comfortable with the service, they are more likely to become lifelong transit users.”

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The chart below shows the Barrie Transit fares beginning Nov. 1, and indicates the price difference from current rates: