Seniors Wish Foundation Reaching out for volunteers for Christmas season

Foundation looking at new ways to help seniors during holidays

Seniors Wish Association in Barrie is hard at work, planning on how to give them a Merry Christmas.

Things will look very different this year, says Chair Patricia Imrie, but we still want to let them know they are loved and thought of, especially during Christmas.

In the past, the foundation would provide items on a seniors wish list; however, this will be difficult with Covid 19 restrictions, including lack of space at care centres.

Instead, the foundation is working at creating personal, handcrafted Christmas cards. The cards will have messages to reassure them they’re not forgotten.

Financial donations are also accepted, which go toward providing floral arrangements, hand lotion, and other treats.

They still want seniors to tell them their wishes. We aren’t entirely stopping the wishes, says Imrie. “Maybe someone wants a special meal, and if we can arrange that, we will. It all depends on our¬†abilities.”

Volunteers are needed to make the cards and distribute flowers.

To volunteer or for more information on how you can help visit them at