September weather in November

Record-breaking warmth in southern and northern Ontario

If there isn’t a spring in your step, then what’s wrong?

Our region is getting late September in November weather, with at or near-recording breaking warmth the past few days.

Peter Kimbell, Warning Preparedness Meteorologist at Environment Canada, says the story isn’t just the warmth.

“We’re looking back at a few occasions in the past where we have seen something similar. 1938, if anybody remembers that, November of 1953 and November 1975,” says Kimbell. “It’s record-breaking with so many consecutive days of warm weather. It’s quite remarkable.”

Muskoka set a record on Sunday with a high of 20.9 on Sunday, beating the old mark of 18.3 set in 1945. Records were also shattered in places like Toronto, Kenora and Wawa.

Kimbell says on this day in Barrie a year ago there was a high of two and a low of minus 4. A few days later, the mercury plunged to an overnight low of minus 24.

There is a cool down coming later this week, but nothing to make your teeth chatter. Kimbell says the bottom will fall out, it just won’t fall out dramatically, with a high of 16 on Wednesday, still 10 degrees above normal, then landing on seven by Friday.

Looking at his crystal weather ball, Kimbell says sharply colder conditions with a wind out of the northwest is expected early next week and the potential for that S word.

Barrie will be warmer today than Phoenix and Los Angeles. In Saskatchewan, a good chunk of the province is clearing out after blizzard-like conditions on Sunday.

“The cold air does exist,” says Kimbell. “It’s just not over us right now. But it’s going to come our way, and it’ll be here before too long.”

How did a weather guy like Kimbell make use of his time on the weekend with all this warmth?

“I put up my Christmas lights on Saturday. I don’t think I have ever put up my Christmas lights in plus 20 before.”