She’s Got Talent 2022: Calling all talented young ladies!

Help create a world where young girls feel empowered to be who they are.

Mother Daughter Empower’s She’s Got Talent 2022 is looking for the most talented young ladies to show off what they do best!

Mother Daughter Empower is a non-profit that inspires mothers to Connect, Communicate and Create positive, long-lasting relationships with their daughters so that their daughters will grow up feeling empowered to be who they are and become anything they want to be. They offer conferences, awards, monthly memberships, and retreats with the ultimate goal to empower 1 million mothers and daughters!

Perhaps she loves to draw, make sculptures or paint? Or maybe she takes great joy in making TikTok Videos? Does she always make you laugh and share the funniest jokes or is she the first to raise her hand to play the leading role in her acting class? Perhaps she dreams of being a hip-hop dancer, gymnast or poet?

Whatever it is that lights up her heart, whatever it is that she loves to do… they want to highlight it, celebrate her passion and, most importantly, we want to encourage her to live out her dreams and live her best life!

She’s Got Talent is open to anyone ages 7 to 14 and the deadline to enter is April 4.

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For more information or to register to compete, click here.

Featured image: Dario Obumaha via