Simcoe County Mock School Bus Evacuations

Simcoe County School Buses Travel One And A Half Times Times The Circumference Of The Earth Each Day

The Simcoe County Student Transportation Consortium is making sure students are prepared for school bus evacuations.

Twice a year, primary and secondary students are given directions from their school bus driver for mock evacuations so, in the event of a real situation, they are prepared. Safety and Accessibility Officer Sean Levasseur says “by the time these students are in Grade 3 they’re very adapted to what’s going on”.

Levasseur also mentioned that major emergencies are not the only reason to prepare students for evacuations. When smaller incidents occur, if students are well prepared, exiting the bus through an emergency exit is more natural and stops a minor incident from becoming needlessly complicated.

The Student Transportation Service tries to practice with as many students as they can, evacuating seventy to seventy-five percent of their students twice per year.