Ski hills included in upcoming province-wide shutdown despite efforts to make a safe experience

"Unfortunately, the government has decided to not support ski hills," says OSRA head

Might as well leave the skiis in storage for now, the slopes are among those closing in the upcoming province-wide lockdown.

The Ontario Snow Resorts Association (OSRA) responded today to news the lockdown announced Monday will also impact ski hills throughout the province. “Despite working with the Government of Ontario over the past several months, despite nearly 2,500 Ontarians sending letters through the Save Our Skiing campaign, and despite investing heavily into this year’s season to keep Ontarians safe, the government has decided to shutdown ski hills,” said Kevin Nichol, President of the OSRA. “While golf courses were supported by the Ontario Government, even during the height of the first wave of the pandemic, ski hills have been left behind. This has caused resorts to spend millions of dollars in anticipation of opening, just to be closed.”


The OSRA points out while Ontario was announcing a lockdown that included slopes, the Government of Quebec increased ski lift loading capacity from one person per chair to 50 percent of lifts. The OSRA says Ontario is the only jurisdiction in North America to close ski hills.

“Ski hills across Ontario are ready to welcome skiers this year with extra precautions,” concluded Nichol. “They are ready to deliver an experience that Ontarians rely on during the darkest days of winter. Unfortunately, the government has decided to not support ski hills and is the only jurisdiction in North America to stop skiers from enjoying the sport.”