Spots still available at COVID-conscious Camp Barrie

This marks the first full week of Summer Break for students across the province. Considering a great many have been learning from home all this time, they might be running out of things to do around the house.

Good thing there’s Camp Barrie.

“We want to make sure we’re having a safe and fun environment,” said Steve Lee-Young, Barrie’s Manager of Recreation and Culture Activities. “All our programs are outside. We’ve got five locations, and we’re doing COVID safe programming, cleaning measures, social distancing. All those protocols that we need to follow are in place for camps, to make sure the kids and our staff are safe.”

Camp Barrie is designed for kids aged 6 to 12. Each participant will be provided with their own collection of supplies for the duration of the camp. “Traditionally, you might see a sports equipment bag or camp activity bag in the middle,” said Lee-Young. “Now they each have their own, so they would each have their own tote that has all of their equipment for the day, even art supplies.”

Getting Camp Barrie off the ground in a pandemic-era world wasn’t too challenging, says Lee-Young, after all, he’s done it before. “We had definitely a shortened, condensed, modified program that we were able to do last year in the early stages of COVID. And now, we’re sort of building on that,” he added. “We have one season under our belt and are able to modify that programming.”

Residents can sign up for Camp Barrie through the city’s website.