Students Create Beautiful Paintings Representing C.O.P.E Service Dogs

"Paw-sitive Portraits" Displayed At MacLaren Art Centre

MacLaren Art Centre partnered with COPE Service Dogs to give students a unique art experience and the results are stunning.

Artist instructors from the MacLaren VanGo Accessteam joined students in the “Canines in the Classroom” program at Nantyr Shores to deliver a hands-on art workshop. Students were encouraged to explore collage and painting techniques to produce their own creative piece of work. The final outcome was a collection of beautiful artwork that represented the COPE dogs the students have been working closely with in the classroom.

Students of the “Canines in the Classroom” program working on their paintings

This collection of artwork is being displayed as a community exhibition called “Paw-fect Portraits” in the MacLaren’s Rotary Education Centre until March 31.

Examples of the final outcomes

C.O.P.E Service Dogs are trained to provide assistance to people living with disabilities, as well as help with therapeutic practices. A portion of training for some of the dogs takes place in the “Canines in the Classroom” program in many local high schools. Enabling students to earn high school credits through this experience has proven to be beneficial in more ways than one.

Moose the C.O.P.E Service Dog

VanGo Access is an outreach program that allows community groups to explore artistic opportunities that they may never have otherwise. Students who took part in this particular project expressed their excitement about the experience and pride for their final creation.

One student Aaron said, “It was cool to see how I represented the dog I trained through art.”

Be sure to check out the “Paw-sitive Portraits” exhibition before it’s gone!