Swapaholics Clothing Swap

Swap Don't Shop

Swapaholics is a monthly clothing swap that looks to keep more textiles out of landfills, raise money for charity, and offer a fantastic way to get some new clothing.

Posted by SwapaholicsCanada on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Swapaholics Clothing Swap is the perfect way to change up your wardrobe that’s easier on the environment and a lot easier on your wallet. Head to one of the swaps with $10 and collection of good quality clothes and get ready to hunt. You will receive a stamp and credit for the number of clothes you contributed which you can then use to expand your own wardrobe. If you don’t use up all your credits, they carry over to later swaps too. This event has raised over $5000 for local charities and on average swaps about 300 pieces of clothing at each event.

The next swap will take place on October 28th at Donaleighs so head down, Take your time, and get ready to look fabulous.