SwitchBot might be the easiest way to automate your home

"The King of Retrofit"

While many people are already adopting smart home features like Echo devices, smart bulbs, and countless other things, some might find the process a little too tricky or too expensive. After a successful Kickstarter, a device called the SwitchBot is making it easier than ever to turn any dumb appliance smart, instantly.

What sets this apart from other smart home devices is just how simple it is. It’s just a little box with an adhesive strip on the back that you can stick to just about anything that operates using a button. The device connects to an easy-to-use app on your phone and with the touch of a button, a tiny little robot arm pops out and operates the device for you.

The versatility you can get from the SwitchBot is really only limited by your imagination due to it being able to retrofit to so many different devices. Rocker light switch? Using the included add-on in the box, it can push and pull lights, on and off. Want a hot cup of coffee waiting for you when you wake up but don’t want to spend hundreds on a new coffee machine? Stick it to your old coffee maker and set a schedule with the app. Have a habit of locking your keys in the car? Stick it on the unlock button and in an emergency, boom, you’re in.

There are also a number of other cool smart devices on the website including ones for curtains, thermometers, humidifiers, and more.

Relatively cheap and super easy to install, we can’t stop thinking up new ways to use this little guy.

Featured image courtesy of KOKPC via kokpc.com