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Talk Is Free Theatre has another exciting winter season coming!

and Barrie performances are free!

As if their incredible fall season wasn’t enough, Talk Is Free Theatre has announced another amazing slate of programming coming up for their winter season.

Running from January to April 2022, TIFT’s winter programming includes engaging performances from fresh perspectives on a variety of diverse subjects. It also includes the Canadian arrival of TIFT’s internationally acclaimed production of a Broadway classic, in-person and hybrid adventures of self-discovery, an electrifying critique of generation differences, and more.

“Don’t bother planning that winter vacation—this season, we’re taking you so many places you’ve never been, you’ll wish you didn’t waste your money renewing your passport,” said Michael Torontow, Artistic Director at Talk Is Free Theatre.

Here are the shows you’ll be able to check out:

  • Sin And Sorrow Are Common To All – Social classes clash and conflict leads to inevitable tragedy between workers and nobility in this social drama by one of Russia’s most celebrated playwrights.
  • Orlando – The journey of a time-travelling trans girl stuck in an Elizabethan tech multi-verse spanning countless countries and visits with royalty, poets and persistent suitors. This is a Virtual Reality (VR) and physical reality performance hybrid and was developed as part of The Eternal Ego Festival.
  • Six Characters In Search Of An Author – A play rehearsal is interrupted when six mysterious characters from a yet-unwritten play arrive and beg to be given life through the acting company in Lam & Lachlan Stewart’s fresh take on a modernist classic.
  • Untitled Flamingo Play – A queer child searches for their identity in a world populated by an eclectic cast of characters, including a moustache-twirling flamingo, divas and bullies in this irreverent solo-performed production about self-discovery.
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street – TIFT’s internationally acclaimed immersive production, which was the culmination of the 3-day The Curious Voyage experience in 2018, of the late Stephen Sondheim’s Broadway classic comes to Canada to tell the tale of the wrongfully condemned Sweeney Todd, who slashes his way to retribution.
  • The Archive Of Missing Things – Equipped with a tablet and headset, the audience embarks on an adventure to uncover clues and discover the secret within the Archive.
  • The Niceties – A professor’s office becomes a battleground as a meeting with a student explodes into an incendiary debate about race, privilege and the generational divide.

For more information about performance dates, locations, and tickets, click here.

Related Local News: Talk Is Free Theatre is bringing a free fall season of theatre to Barrie!

Don’t forget, TIFT continues to offer free admission to all main programming in Barrie! So, there’s no reason not to check out something from their upcoming winter season or even their fall season, which is currently underway!

Featured image: Talk Is Free Theatre via tift.ca