Temporary DriveTest Centre opening in East Gwillimbury

Additional locations will help reduce the road test backlog resulting from COVID-19 restrictions

The East Gwillimbury GO Station on Green Lane near Highway 404 will soon act as a temporary road test centre.

The Ontario government has announced it will open on September 20 offering class G2 and G road tests, seven days a week between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.

It’s one of several temporary test centres being opened in the coming weeks.

“Our government is making tremendous progress to clear the road test backlog at Ontario DriveTest centres,” said Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation. “We’re getting Ontario back on track with our aggressive plan to open additional temporary centres, hire additional temporary driver examiners, and offer road tests with extended weekday operating hours for passenger road testing, including weekends.”

To book a road test, please visit DriveTest.ca — the only official channel for booking a road test. You should never give your driver’s licence to a third party or an unknown website. DriveTest will never charge you an additional fee to book or reschedule a road test.

Quick Facts
• In addition to opening temporary centres, Ontario is hiring an additional 251 temporary driver examiners, extending weekday operating hours for passenger road testing and offering passenger road tests on Saturdays and Sundays at select locations to clear the backlog of road tests.
• Because of the high demand for road test appointments, we are unable to prioritize customers with cancelled appointments. As measures to address capacity are implemented, additional road test appointments will be made available. Please continue to check DriveTest.ca for new blocks of road test appointments.
• If your road test was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, you will have a credit on the system to rebook your test.
• Road test applicants may be required to provide a contact phone number should contact tracing be required. Applicants may be required to keep vehicle windows open to ensure proper airflow.
• All DriveTest staff will wear appropriate personal protective equipment when serving customers, and driver examiners will also be equipped with face shields, sanitizer packages and seat covers when conducting road tests.
• For inside services and road testing for other licence classes, customers will need to visit a permanent DriveTest location.

feature image: Wikimedia Commons