Test your musical prowess…for science!

Help researchers discover why music is so universal

Whether you think you’re a musical prodigy or have a touch of tone-deafness, Harvard University has a series of tests that are not only fun but will help them research the relationship between humans and music.

The Music Lab is a website run primarily by researchers at Harvard University who are trying to explore the ways human beings make sense of the sounds and music they hear. There is a series of tests you can participate in that will only take 2-5 minutes to complete including checking your pitch-perception, a world music quiz, and even one designed specifically for kids. There is also a longer, 20-minute test designed to see if you are a musical prodigy! All the tests are fun, free, and will help the researchers dig deeper into the universal language of music.

Head over to the website and to start playing some of the games right now and if you’re so inclined, you can even check out some of the papers that have already been published thanks to this research.

Featured image courtesy of The Music Lab via themusiclab.org