Published November 1, 2018

The Best of Our 2018 Costume Contest

Thank you to everyone who entered.
1. Kelly Logan

We asked you to give us your best and you delivered Barrie! The Halloween spirit was in full effect last night. Things got spooky, fun and even a little weird. We had so many amazing entries but here are some of the standout costumes of the night.


1. AsH T- Cabbage Patch Doll

2. Melissa MacDonald- Giraffe

3. Shannon M Rose- Monkey

4. Rebecca Laura- Lion

5. Nicole Tremble Sardella- Big Bad Wolf

6. Taylor Griffith- Genie

7. Rachel Dales- Mermaid

8. Ella Henri- Gnome

9. Julie Bertrand- The Incredible's (+ "Incredibly" Cute Pumpkins)

10. Carly Hann- Dragon

Most Spooky

1. Tiffany Howard Cuniberti- A Sweet Disaster

2. Dazmen Taylor- Chucky and Bride of Chucky

3. Jaime Partridge- Scary Clown

4. Tiffany Bell- Eye Shot

5. LeAnn Noble Bjaanes- Zipper Face

6. Jaimee Love- Jigsaw

7. Jessie Marie-Evil Doll

8. Melissa Cliffe- Scary Nun

9. Jaqui Pressley- Spooky Skeleton

10. Stephanie-Anna Marziano- "Zom-baes"

Most Funny

1. Krissy LePage- Garbage Truck Pizza Man (His 2 Favourite Things)

2. Jennifer Wise- Granny Twins

3. Brittany Brandon Randell- Crazy Cat Lady

4. Christine Gowan- Boss Baby

5. Stephanie Justice- Alan & Baby, The Hangover

6. Nicole Brown- Mini Lumberjack

7. Jennifer Poletta- Kip, Napoleon Dynamite

8. Courtney Heather- Grandpa

9. Sam Morency-Emo- Cat in the Hat & Thing 1 & 2

10. Christina Scotburn- Nana and Papa Twins

Most Creative

1. Ella Henri- The Muppets, Mahna Mahna Monsters

2. Reese McDonald- Lumiere, Beauty and The Beast

3. Rae MacDonald- Michael Jackson, Thriller Zombie Version

4. Courtney O'hagan- Dynamite

5. Samantha Jane- Thomas the Train

6. Sarah Bell- Washing Machine & Laundry Basket

7. Stephanie Amber- DIY Pineapple

8. Lexie Wade- 1/2 Skeleton, 1/2 Mime

9. Victoria Stead- Jellyfish

10. Katie Leyenaar- Branch, Trolls

Best Duos/Groups

1. Candice Hibbs- DC Villains

2. Christina Hancock- Snow White and Dopey

3. Jody Gammon- 80's Workout Girls

4. Katie Naoum- The Wizard of Oz

5. Amy Davis- Winnie the Pooh and Friends

6. Jess Howell- Gorilla and Banana

7. Michele Robinson- The Wizard of Oz

8. Peyton Kerr- Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf

9. Aly Mullin- Toy Story

10. Sara Caracciolo- Thing 1, 2, 3, 4

Best  of Pets

1. Kelly Logan- Unicorns

2. Jessica Jennifer- Wonder Pup

3. Lisa Tonna-Rygersberg- Hot Dog

4. Pamela Ostrom- Walrus

5. Jan Ferguson- 60's House Wife

6. Karen Ledoucer- Witch

7. Christine Owen Arthur- Pumpkin

8. Wendy Haill- Lion King

9. Tristin Beniston- Adorable Duo

10. Mindy Crystal- Yoda, Star Wars


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