The Breathalyser Giveth and the Breathalyser Taketh Away

One Charged With Drunk Driving, Another Narrowly Avoids It

South Simcoe’s traffic police had a busy weekend.

A 34-year-old Keswick man is facing a Speeding ticket and narrowly avoided a drunk driving charge after a traffic stop in Innisfil on Saturday. Officers say the radar gun showed the man hit a speed of 102 in a 60 zone along 20th Sideroad of Innisfil, and when police pulled the vehicle over they could smell alcohol on the driver’s breath. A breath test resulted in a warning, not enough for a DUI charge.

Meanwhile, police did charge another with drunk driving around 11:30 Sunday morning. Concerned citizens called police after spotting a customer leave a Bradford grocery store with wine in hand and unsteady on his feet. The suspect vehicle was pulled over not far from the store, where police say there were obvious signs of impairment from the driver. A 46-year-old Bradford man was charged appropriately.